From the Sidelines

With Carl McAloose

As the end of summer approaches it is exciting to think that at this time next year we will be hearing the crack of the bats as our baseball and softball teams take to the field and get athletics started back at FSW. We will also have coaches recruiting for men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

What a difference a year will make.

The most difficult challenge our coaches face this year is that competition won’t begin until Fall 2015. Competition for them is in recruiting vs. other coaches. I am so pleased to hear our coaches telling me about the outstanding young men and women that they are recruiting. Coaches Iamurri and Corr have been working very hard to put a very competitive team together in their first seasons. I am very impressed with the talent level that is interested in coming to FSW. There is no doubt that their reputations as outstanding coaches are already paying dividends. The fact that we have a beautiful area, a quality college, a great playing facility, top housing, and commitment by so many, is the key to the success in their recruiting. We will not be able to officially sign student-athletes until January but I am amazed by the verbal commitments we have already received.

We continue to get out in the community and share with people our vision for the future. It is exciting to hear that people are looking forward to our return of athletics. The administrators and professors on campus have been very supportive in helping us put our program together. For example, having a professor talk to a potential student-athlete has set us apart from other colleges/universities, and has served a vital role in our recruiting process.

The excitement is in the air with the start of Fall classes at Florida SouthWestern. There is a new name, the residence hall is full, and there is a buzz about athletics. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work happening now so we can put nationally competitive teams together for next year. The progress we are making is encouraging and I believe people will be proud of the product we put on the fields, in the classrooms, and in the community.

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