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Wed, Oct 22, 2014
All Day
Online - Medical Math
(Lee CE Class)

Master medical calculations in an engaging environment! In these fun and practical lessons, you(TM)ll gain the medical math skills you need for anything from calculating dosages to using scientific formulas. Whatever medical field you(TM)re in, the hands-on activities in this course will help you perform day-to-day math tasks quickly and easily.
First, you'll brush up your basic math skills. You'll begin with a review of fractions, decimals, and percentages, and then dive into measurement systems and conversions used in the medical field.
Next, youll do dosage calculations for oral, parenteral, and intravenous medications. You'll explore three different methods you can use for dosage calculations: proportions, dimensional analysis, and the formula method. You'll also learn an easy formula that you can apply to many dosage calculations.
Finally, you'll get an introduction to basic statistics and probability. You'll find out how to interpret the latest medical findings for your patients, and journal articles will no longer be a mystery!
Whether you're new to the field of medicine or want to enhance your skills, this is the course for you. By the time you finish these lessons, you'll have a solid grounding in basic medical math, and you'll be ready to tackle any calculation confidently.

Location: Online Course
Price: $99
Sponsor: http://www.edison.edu/lee/ce/flyers/Medical_Math_Summer_2012.pdf
Contact: Continuing Education
E-Mail celee@edison.edu
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