Student Leadership Academy

Mission Statement:

The Student Leadership Academy fosters the academic success, personal growth, and social development of our college students through active societal roles to the campus and the surrounding community. Our program will be based on real campus and community needs in which students develop as leaders through taking initiative, solving problems, working as a team, and demonstrating their abilities while addressing these needs.

Vision Statement:

The Student Leadership Academy will intentionally create meaningful learning experiences that teach and challenge students through service opportunities, leadership seminars and insights from accomplished leaders, thus positively impacting student success and personal development.


In order to be eligible for this academy a student must be selected to apply based upon their existing contributions and skills.

Program Information:

Leadership Seminars/Events:
Seminars mandatory will be scheduled 10 times per year and will be 2-3 hours in length, incorporating speakers who offer expertise in a leadership area such as leadership development, service and volunteerism, ethical leadership, goal setting, and much more.

Serve it up:
 Academy members will each present on an approved topic of leadership during the month of January. Each presentation should be 5-10 minutes and include a PowerPoint.

Campus Involvement:
Each academy member will volunteer to help with at least 15 hrs. of campus events.

Capstone Project:
Members of the leadership academy will break down into groups of 3-4. Each group will pick a local organization to partner with (Ex. Big Brothers and Big Sisters). Each member of each group will perform 10 hrs. of community service to help address any needs that their local organization may have. Also before the end of the year each group must fundraise at least a total of $250 for their local organization.