Online Application Process

Once you determine that a student is eligible for dual enrollment courses, the student will need to apply online for Florida SouthWestern State College. See detailed instructions below:

Application Steps-Dual Enrollment Students

  1. Go to admissions
  2. Click on Click on Dual Enrollment/Early Admission Students
  3. Under Dual Enrollment, click on on-line.
  4. Create a user account, click on First time user account creation under Login.
  5. Create a Login ID and PIN. You will be directed to Application Menu. Click on New to create a new application.
  6. Select your Application Type: High School Dual Enrollment
  7. Fill out application.
    1. To find your High School information, click Lookup High School Code
    2. If your high school is not listed, select from the codes listed at the top of the page.
  8. Once finished, click Application is Complete.
  9. Read the Admissions Agreement; click I agree to the terms.