General Education Rubrics

  • Communication (COM): Effective communication is the cornerstone of the workplace; therefore, students will demonstrate fluency in oral and written communication through speaking and writing critically, with clarity, detail, and the use of standard English

  • Critical Thinking (CT): Students will be able to think critically by recognizing assumptions and using elements of thought, evaluating arguments using intellectual standards, drawing logical conclusions, and justifying conclusions with supporting evidence

  • Technology/Information Management (TIM): Students will be able to use technology to identify, locate, understand, evaluate, and communicate information.

  • Global Socio-cultural Responsibility (GSR): Students will be able to identify, describe, and apply responsibilities, core civic beliefs, and values present in a diverse society.

  • Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning (QR): Students will be able to identify and apply mathematical and scientific principles and methods.

General Education Rubric Documents