Welcome to the First Year Experience

Academic Success Administration

Eileen DeLuca

Dr. Eileen DeLuca
Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs

The SLS 1515 Cornerstone Experience course is designed to help students become self-reliant learners who use critical thinking to achieve academic and career success. Students who have completed SLS 1515 have reported the positive impact of the relationships they have developed with their professor and the other students.  We hope that you too will establish positive relationships that will provide a network of support as you navigate the college experience.

Kathy Clark

Dr. Kathy Clark
Associate Dean, Academic Success

The SLS 1515 course is designed to enhance student success. Students will be introduced to many skills such as time management, learning styles and how to think critically. All of these skills, once learned, will help students succeed in college.

Cornerstone Faculty

Wanda Day

Professor Wanda Day
Cornerstone Experience Professor
Charlotte Campus – Lead Faculty

Duke DiPofi

Dr. Duke DiPofi
Cornerstone Experience Professor
Hendry Glades Center

Kelley Newhouse

Professor Kelley Newhouse
Cornerstone Experience Professor
Collier Campus – Lead Faculty

Heather Olson

Professor Heather Olson
Cornerstone Experience Professor
Collier Campus

Whitney Rhyne

Professor Whitney Rhyne
Cornerstone Experience Professor
Collier Campus

Mary Ellen Schultz

Professor Mary Ellen Schultz
Cornerstone Experience Professor
Lee Campus

Martin Tawil

Dr. Martin Tawil
SLS 1515 Professor
Lee Campus – Lead Faculty

Cornerstone Faculty From Various Discipline Areas

Jacquelyn Davis

Professor Jacquelyn Davis
Professor of Psychology & Cornerstone Experience

Rebecca Gubitti

Dr. Rebecca Gubitti
Professor of Math & Cornerstone Experience

Terri Heck

Professor Terri Heck
Professor of Psychology & Cornerstone Experience

David Hoffman

Professor David Hoffman
Professor of Business & Cornerstone Experience

Brad Holley

Dr. Brad Holley
Professor of French & Cornerstone Experience

Myra Walters

Professor Myra Walters
Chair, Speech and Communication, Professor of Speech & Cornerstone Experience

Brad Holley

Professor Christina Ottman
Professor of Biology & Cornerstone Experience

Myra Walters

Professor Rebecca Harris
Professor of English & Cornerstone Experience