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Is it necessary to work with the Grants Development staff in order to submit a grant proposal?

Yes. The Grants Development staff serves as the liaison between the grantor and the project team. We are here to assist you in all phases of the grant process. Additionally, we can identify additional opportunities and evaluate the probability of funding. Our experience in creating quality grant proposals will help maximize your application.

Lastly, as there is an internal process that includes administrative approval prior to grant submission, we can assist in the coordination and execution of the appropriate authorization.

I have a concept for a grant. What do I do next?

Assuming you have discussed the idea with your School Dean/Vice President, contact our office at 239-489-9227.

I found a grant that I would like to submit for funding. How do I request your help?

Simply complete and submit an internal review form and attach a program summary and budget to the Grants Development staff via fax 239-489-9339, in person at Building O or email . The Project/program summary should detail the proposed project activity, needs assessment, method of data collection, project goal(s), budget and description of population served. Don't forget to include a copy of the grant funding announcement.

Why does a grant proposal require administrative approval prior to submission?

Since a grant award is a legal obligation and financial commitment by ESC, it is imperative that the appropriate persons and/or departments are aware of the potential impact to the College. This includes, but is not limited to, matching funds requirement, program alignment with strategic goals as listed in Destination 2020 and Quality Enhancement Plan, and appropriation of indirect costs. Completing an internal review form can assist in expediting the grant proposal creation process, as well as obtaining administrative approval for submission.

How much notice is required to submit a grant proposal request?

It varies. Some grant solicitations offers small windows of time between advertisement and submission deadline while others offers several months in advance due to the complexity of the application and require weeks in preparation and planning. While there is no set time frame, it is best to submit your request as soon as possible to allow ample time for a quality grant proposal to be completed. Contact our office first to ensure the feasibility of proposal completion.

Can I write my own grant?

Of course; as a content area expert, your assistance is vital to developing a competitive proposal. Successful proposals are a compilation of faculty and grant staff contributions. In fact, prior to submission, staff will submit a copy of the finalized work product to faculty for final review prior to submission. While all grants must be routed through Grants Development, certain faculty may feel comfortable writing the proposal in its entirety as they have had previous success. If this is the case, the process remains the same. Simply complete the internal review form and attach a copy of the completed grant proposal for internal authorization and subsequent submission to grantor.

How long does it take to learn about whether a grant has been accepted for funding?

It depends on the funding source. Most grants will state the award notification time frame within the solicitation. However, a general rule of thumb is 6-12 weeks.

My grantor has requested a status report on my project. What should I do?

Assuming you have discussed the idea with your School Dean/Vice President, contact our office at 239-489-9227.

Still have questions?

Please contact Antranette Forbes at or (239) 489-9227.



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