Employee Tuition Scholarships

Educational Benefits Procedure 05-0602 (PDF)
Tuition Scholarship Employee Dependent Form (PDF)

Florida SouthWestern State College encourages a learning environment that begins with intellectual curiosity and knowledge, preparing students to think and work in a global economy.   The Florida SouthWestern State College Tuition Scholarship program is designed to encourage employees and/or their dependents to enhance their skills through taking courses at the College.

The maximum benefit for Florida SouthWestern State College Tuition Scholarships is twelve (12) credit hours per semester and twenty-four (24) credit hours per academic year per employee. Benefits begin with the semester following the completion of the eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility for Employees

To be eligible for this benefit, an employee must be in a full-time or part-time regular position for at least six (6) consecutive months, has successfully completed their probationary period and remains in good standing.  Temporary employees including, but not limited to, Adjunct Instructors, Clinical Associates, Fire Science Instructors, and Peak Partners are not eligible for this benefit.

Eligibility for Dependents of Employees

Employees who have met the criteria listed above for eligibility, may request the tuition scholarship benefit for their eligible dependent(s).

Eligible dependents include: the spouse or legally dependent child as listed on the most recent income tax return of the employee as a legally dependent child; or a spouse, former spouse or child for whom there is a court order requiring an eligible employee as defined above, to pay for educational benefits of the spouse, former spouse or child.