Keynote Speaker

Dr. T. Jackson Lears

Keynote Speaker Dr. Lears

Dr. Lears is Distinguished Professor of History at Rutgers University. His work focuses on American cultural and intellectual history, investigating the role of advertising, industrialization, and myth in the modernization of the U.S. Dr. Lears’ work reveals both the costs and benefits that these attributes of society lend to transformative moments in our nation’s history.

Talking Circle

The Talking Circle is inspired by a common practice in indigenous cultures where listening and responding respectfully to varied perspectives on a controversial topic is encouraged and refined. Talking Circles are not designed to form a consensus or seek like-mindedness.

We aim to inspire a cross-fertilization of ideas that may generate a more coherent set of questions rather than provide us with definitive answers.  We are not necessarily seeking closure so much as creating a space where conversations are ignited and relationships formed around a complex topic that is timely and relevant to the themes of the Colloquium. This is an informal session with a moderator that allows for anyone who has attended the Colloquium to participate.

Spring 2014. Details forthcoming.