Professional Learning Academy

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Florida Southwestern State College School of Education has developed a Professional Learning Academy designed to provide high quality, focused professional development learning opportunities. These learning opportunities will be designed so that they provide educators with up-to-date, research-based programs that will immediately have an impact on teaching, student learning and the educational interests of area school districts, the college and community. These courses will also meet state re-certification guidelines and requirements.

The Professional Learning Academy has met with K-12 administrators, educators, and leaders from across the state. The professional development courses are designed to align to each county’s unique needs. Courses will be offered for educators to register and take as an online course or a typical classroom course. Syllabi for each course will be placed on the FSW School of Education website with links to registration and the Professional Learning Academy Center.

James W. Devine and Rachel Malone are the coordinators of the Professional Learning Academy and are currently working to coordinate general and specific course offerings that area educators need for recertification and professional growth. Beginning July 1, 2014, courses that will be available to take online are: ESOL for higher education faculty teaching infused courses, Clinical Educator Training, and Formative Assessment Workshops. Certification students will also be able to fulfill state requirements for obtaining their teaching credentials. Several other professional development opportunities will be made available to educators in the fall of 2014, including Parents College, an exciting concept designed to educate parents about their child’s progress through school.

Parents Colleges can be offered in schools, on campus or other sites that are convenient for parents to attend. Each college will include numerous courses, discussion groups or panels designed to help parents understand and assist in their child’s education. The Professional Learning Academy is hoping to hold its first Parents College in October of 2014.

Please browse the various categories on our Academy site to familiarize yourself with the courses, syllabi, registration process and fees. Online visitors to the Professional Learning Academy can also take a short Needs Assessment which will tell us what your specific professional development needs are right now and in the immediate future.