Grading Policy

Grade Point System

The following grade symbols and grade point weights are used at Florida SouthWestern State College.
A Excellent 4 points
B Good 3 points
C Average 2 points
D Poor 1 point
F Failure 0 points
I Incomplete* 0 points
NR Not reported 0 points
P Pass 0 points
S Satisfactory 0 points
W Withdraw** 0 points
X Audit (No credit) 0 points

* See Incomplete Grade, here .
**See Course Withdrawal Policy, here .

Maximum Course Attempts

In accordance with State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.0301, students may attempt the same course a maximum of three times at FSW. Enrollment in a course beyond the last day to drop with a refund counts as an attempt for the purposes of this rule. Upon the third attempt, the student is not permitted to withdraw from the course and will receive a grade for the course. Course withdrawals and earned grades count toward the maximum attempts.

Multiple Attempt Course Surcharge

Florida Statute requires that any student enrolled more than two times in the same state-funded undergraduate course, including college preparatory courses, be assessed an additional fee per credit hour. Students are assessed the additional fee on the third and subsequent attempt. Any coursework taken prior to the Fall 1997 semester does not count as an attempt when determining course attempts. Only coursework repeated at FSW count in attempts. Transfer coursework does not count in the repeat calculation.

Florida Statute also provides a one-time exception to the surcharge based on extenuating circumstances or financial hardship. (Please see Petitions in the Student Records  section for more information.)

Course Withdrawal Policy

A student can withdraw without academic penalty from any course in a term by the mid-point of that term. Withdrawals after that date may be granted only through established institutional procedures. The College Calendar  provides information on important dates for each semester, such as the last day to withdraw from courses without a penalty.

In order to withdraw from a course or courses, the student must complete a request to withdraw from a course. This request can be secured in the Advising Center or Registrar’s Office and be turned in at the Registrar’s Office.
Students who officially withdraw from a class or classes any time prior to the date listed in the College Calendar will receive a grade of “W.” A student will be limited to two withdrawals per course. Upon the third attempt, the student will not be permitted to withdraw, and will receive a grade for that course.

Incomplete Grade

A grade of “I” is given only when the student has successfully completed most of the course in question and, in the judgment of the professor, is able to make up any deficit within the assigned time frame. A student who receives an “I” must make up the deficiency and have the change of grade recorded in the Office of the Registrar no later than last day to remove incomplete grades as published in the College Catalog. After that, the grade defaults to an “F.” The responsibility for making the necessary arrangements with a professor for the removal of an “I” rests with the student. A student may not register for a class in which they have an “I” grade.
If a professor awarding an “I” is not going to be available the following term, it is the responsibility of the professor awarding an “I” to make arrangements for the student to deliver the necessary completed coursework to a fellow faculty member or the professor’s supervisor for a change of grade.

In such a case, it is the professor’s responsibility to inform the faculty member or supervisor and the student, in writing, what needs to be completed in order for the “I” to be changed. The professor should provide a copy of the student’s grades to date, and describe the student’s remaining work and final grading procedure.

In extreme cases where circumstances prevent a professor from assigning a grade, final responsibility for the grade change rests with the supervisor.

Grade Corrections

The responsibility for the evaluation of student coursework and the assignment of final grades rests with the professor who has been assigned to teach that course. A student who believes that an error was made in the assignment of their final grade must contact his or her professor by the 28th calendar day after the start of classes in the following semester. For example, the student must request the review of a grade that was assigned in the Fall Semester by the 28th calendar day after the start of Spring classes.

The professor who assigned the final grade must initiate a Change of Grade. The Change of Grade form must be approved by the appropriate academic dean and forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.
As a matter of practice, a grade is corrected only in the instance where an error was made in the recording of a grade. Under no circumstances will an academic dean change a student’s grade. In rare cases under compelling extenuating circumstances, an academic dean may ask a professor to consider changing a grade if it is deemed appropriate to do so.

During the semester professors will communicate directly with those students who are doing unsatisfactory work. Students with unsatisfactory performance are encouraged to meet with their professors with a view toward improving their work.

Grade Forgiveness Policy

The Grade Forgiveness Policy permits students to repeat a course in an attempt to improve a grade of “D” or “F”. A student will be limited to two repeats per course, or a total of three attempts. Upon the third attempt, the student is not permitted to withdraw from the course and the grade assigned is the final grade for the course. Course withdrawals and earned grades count toward the maximum attempts.

Grade forgiveness is automatic, beginning Summer B, 1995, for all students who have repeated courses at Florida SouthWestern State College. Students must complete a Grade Forgiveness Form only if BOTH the original and the forgiven grades were awarded in terms or semesters previous to Summer B 1995, or if both courses were transferred to Florida SouthWestern State College from other institutions.

Students should be aware that some colleges or universities may not accept the grade of a repeated course, or may compute grade point averages incorporating the grade originally assigned.

Students receiving financial aid of any type are cautioned to check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that the repeated courses will count toward their financial aid award.

Only the last grade earned in a repeated course will be computed into the grade point average at Florida SouthWestern State College, provided that the last assigned grade is not a “W” or an “X” (Audit). However, all grades will appear on the transcript.

Students may not repeat a course to improve a grade point average after the awarding of the Associate degree.

This policy applies to courses that are repeated for grade forgiveness purposes. It does not apply to courses designated as repeatable.

Student requests for a change of grade to a “W” must be submitted through a petition for Exception to Registration Policies and Procedures.