Student Life Clubs and Organizations

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Get involved with a student organization, student government or the campus activities board. Florida SouthWestern State college has over 30 student organizations, honor societies, professional organizations and faith-based groups. We help students register and develop each student organization, and provide education, and support to assist students as they build and enhance their organizations.

All currently enrolled students are welcome to join any of the clubs on each campus or center.

For more information about the clubs available or creating your own, please stop by the Office of Student Life on any campus. Or email at For a complete list of contact information, please click here.

Current clubs on Charlotte Campus

Current clubs on Collier Campus

Current clubs on Hendry Glades Center

Current clubs on Thomas Edison Campus

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African-American Student Association (A.A.S.A.)

President: Ruthlene Jeannelas
Advisor: Brian Page


To promote academic excellence, leadership skills and an appreciation of African-American history and heritage.

Armed Servicemembers Continuing Education

President: Robert Legrow
Advisor: William Shuluk

Facebook Page:

To bring all branches of service together and aid in the transformation from service member to student. To help fellow Veterans, Military families, and students in our community.

Campus Activities Board

President: Leticia Gil
Advisor: Tara Marion
Campus Activities Board is open to all students who wish to become involved in the process of planning events presented by the Office of Student Life. CAB also strives to promote an active and engaged student lifestyle.

Cardiovascular Tech Club

Advisor: Jeff Davis

To bring awareness to the CVT Program at Edison State College and the community as a whole, and to promote the mission of the CVT program to produce competent cardiovascular technicians.

Chess Club

President: Micah Wagner
Advisor: William Shuluk

To encourage competitive and friendly chess play on campus. It will provide an accessible environment for amateur, intermediate, professional, and social chess players to engage in competition, exchange strategy, and solve chess problems. The ESCCC (Edison State College Chess Club) aims to promote a deeper appreciation for the sport by involving students in chess lectures, evaluating historic/notable games, and organizing tournaments.

Chi Alpha

Creative Writing Club

Advisor: Maria Cahil

To celebrate writing at Edison State College through writing workshops, campus write-ins and creative writing fundraising events.

Dental Hygiene Club

President: Daisy Casas
Advisor: Karen Molumby

To raise funds for its members to cover the costs of board exams or other needs to obtain professional licensing. To provide oral hygiene products to the public at discounted prices. To maintain professional memberships for its members.

Edison State Club Red Cross

Advisor: Jeff Ziomek

To support the American Red Cross mission, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers that provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. It does this through services that are consistent with its Congressional Chapter and the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross movement.

Euclidean Society

President: Oleg Timuta

Advisor: Don Ransford

To stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting various mathematical activities beyond the classroom.

Foreign Language Club

Presidents: Arpalicho Cocco
Advisor: Courtney Lanute

Gay-Straight Alliance

President: Nicole LaMorte
Advisor: Laura Alvarez

To spread the word against defamation on campus. To create a safe zone for the LGBT community and their allies.

Ichiban Anime Society

President: Andrew Whitacre
Advisor: Whitney Rhyne

To promote the appreciation of Japanese animation through regular viewings and discussion.


It shall be the purpose/goal of Ignite to connect people to Jesus and one another by being a place of New Beginnings.  Our desire at Ignite is provide an avenue where students can meet God, worship God and get to know Him better. Furthermore, to bring people together with love, fellowship and with positive outlook of life to help others.  We (Ignite) are here to serve you!  It is our wish that students meet Jesus as their Savior and learn to know Him as their personal friend.  We yearn to be a community of believers who love God and love God’s people.

President: Anisha Henderson
Advisor: Wendy Odom


Kappa Delta Epsilon

Advisor: Joyce Rollins

An honorary education fraternity which supports the cause of education by fostering a spirit of fellowship, high standards of scholastic attainment and professional ideals among its members. We are an active group engaged in preparing our members for the teaching profession.

Latin-American Student Association (L.A.S.A)

President: Maria Torres

To promote Latin American culture and heritage, and to educate, serve and help advance the Latino community.

Martial Arts Club

President: Rachel Karouzos

Advisor: Dr. Brian Botts

National Student Nurses Association

President: Robin Grondin
Advisor: Patricia Zebrook

Facebook Page:

To promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health related organizations. To contribute to the education of nursing students, develop professionalism, and participate in community activities.

Paralegal Club

Advisor: Mary Conwell

To promote knowledge about paralegal careers and provide networking opportunities in the legal community.

Philosophy Club

President: Wesley Caldwell

Advisor: Dr. Russell Swanson

The Philosophy Club is devoted to providing an environment where members of the Edison State College community can explore philosophical ideas and develop critical thinking skills primarily through discussion.

Phi Theta Kappa (P.T.K.)

President: Noam Mitchell
Advisor: Robert Furler

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through honors, leadership and service programming.

Photo & Video Club

President: Denis Dominguez

Resident Housing Association Club


Advisor: David Duma

RHA is a student-run organization designed to provide communication, education, leadership and community development opportunities for students in the residence hall system. RHA will serve as the voice of development opportunities for students in the residence hall system. RHA will serve as the voice of residents, to the campus and the community.

Respiratory Care Club


President: Justin Lorio
Advisor: Jonathan McKenzie

The Edison State College SCUBA Club aims to unite students to enjoy scuba and ocean conservation.


Student Alumni Association


Advisor: Rio DeArmond

To assist in creating a lifelong relationship between each student and the college by providing an opportunity to interact with the ESC Alumni Association prior to graduation. Sigma Alpha Alpha will assist in establishing communication between current students and alumni.

Student Economist Union

President: John Todd
Advisor: Harold Van Boven

To apply the ideology of truth to economic theory and application in an effort to better manage our scarce resources for the benefit of society.

Student United Way

Talking And Listening Klub (T.A.L.K.)

President: Kevin Payen
Cynthia Enslen

Facebook Page:

To empower all students to communicate effectively and responsibly in a diverse society.