Board of Trustees History

District Board of Trustees

1968 - Present

George A. “Jock” Sutherland, Collier County, 1968-1969
Emolee S. Barrett, Collier County, 1968-1972
Wilburn O. Leonhardt, Lee County, 1968-1972
Marie Noeth, Charlotte County, 1968-1973
John D. Shanklin, Lee County, 1968-1973
Eli D. Richard, Charlotte County, 1968-1974
Travis A. Gresham, Jr., Lee County, 1968-1981

Charles A. Ford, Collier County, 1970-1971
Holland T. Salley, Collier County, 1971-1990
Henry B. Watkins, Jr., Collier County, 1972-1981
Ida S. Baker, Lee County, 1972-1983
Richard C. Ackert, Lee County, 1973-1974
The Honorable Kenton H. Haymans, Charlotte County, 1973-1981
Jody Tharp Hendry, Lee County, 1974-1988
Agnes Craighead, Charlotte County, 1974-1979
Rep. Vernon Peeples, Charlotte County, 1979-1983 and 1997-1999
Harry M. Cunningham, Collier County, 1981-1985
Leo Wotitzky, Charlotte County, 1981-1989
Dr. Thomas M. Wiley, Jr., Lee County, 1981-1988
Edna Jane Peeples, Charlotte County, 1983-1986
James Stephens, Lee County, 1984-1989
John M. Stitt, Hendry County, 1984-1988
Charles E. Taylor, Jr., Glades County, 1984-1988 and 1992-1996

John R. Asbell, Collier County, 1985-1993
Ann J. Kelly Gateff, Charlotte County, 1986-1987 and 1993-1997
Dr. Robert C. Lynch, Charlotte County, 1987-1994
Paula M. Edenfield, Lee County, 1988-1990
E. Frances Wilson, Lee County, 1988-1991
The Honorable James R. Adams, Lee County, 1989-1994
Thomas K. Boardman, Hendry County, 1988-1992
Tom Crabtree, Glades County, 1988-1992
Dr. Perry N. Gattanell, Charlotte County, 1989-1992
J. Dudley Goodlette, Collier County, 1990-1994
Linda Kay Taylor, Lee County, 1990-1993

Mary Lee Mann, Lee County, 1991-1999
Gregory A. Carlton, Hendry County, 1992-1996
Archie B. Hayward, Jr., Lee County, 1993-1997
Dr. Marie F. Snow, Collier County, 1993-2001
John David McQueen, Charlotte County, 1994-1998
The Honorable Daniel R. Monaco, Collier County, 1994-1998
Cathy S. Reiman, Lee County, 1994-1998
Thomas C. Heber, Hendry County, 1996-2000
Katherine L. Warr, Glades County, 1996-2000
Dr. Washington D. Baquero, Lee County, 1997-2011
John P. Cardillo, Collier County, 1998-1999
Richard S. Monson, Charlotte County, 1998-1999
Frederick Deal, Collier County, 1999-2004
William Gorvine, Charlotte County, 1999-2000
Luis Serentill, Charlotte County, 1999-2001
Dawn D. Hoffman, Lee County, 1999-2003
Gregory D. Warr, Glades County, 2000-2002
Enid S. Gorvine, Charlotte County, 2000-2008
Darol H.M. Carr, Charlotte County, 2000-2005
Kim C. Long, Collier County, 2001-2007
Kenneth J. Downing, Hendry County, 2000-2005
David Klein, Charlotte County, 2006-2011
Pamela Seay, Charlotte County, 2011-2012
Mary Lee Mann, Lee County, 1991-1999; 2003-2011
JoAnn Helphenstine, Charlotte County, 2008-2010
W. Hahlan Houghton, Jr., 2002-2011
Sankey “Eddie” Webb, III, Charlotte County, 2011-present
Brian Chapman, Jr., Lee County, 2011-present
Marjorie Starnes-Bilotti, Lee County, 2011-present
Tristan “Tris” Chapman, Hendry County, 2013-present
Byron Donalds, Collier County, 2014-present
Eric Loche, Charlotte County, 2014-present
Julia Perry, Glades County, 2002-present