English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a series of courses that help students develop the Academic English skills needed for success in college courses. Students will receive direct instruction, participate in pair and group assignments, and utilize language learning technology to develop Academic English. In addition to coursework, students enrolled in the EAP program have access to an academic advisor who is located in the Edison Campus Advising Office and instructional assistance in an Academic Support Center. Assistance provided is one-on-one tutoring, reading materials, and grammar modules. Students also have access to College resources including the library, and activities through the Office of Student Engagement.

Students in the EAP program are coming from more than thirty different countries speaking more than fourteen different languages. The program includes students of both traditional and non-traditional ages, with varied life experiences. Diversity is celebrated throughout the program. Course and program activities allow students the opportunity to build new relationships and engage in learning experiences with students from different educational and cultural backgrounds. The students in the program share the desire to acquire Academic English to succeed in college and careers.

We offer five levels of courses in Speech/Listening, Reading, Writing, and Grammar.