Hold Information

PI Hold

Currently, the hold (12 hour rule, PI hold) for registration will remain on your record until this requirement is met. To expedite your registration process, an academic advisor (current registration) might temporary lift the “12 hour hold” for a month to allow you as the student to register on your Florida SouthWestern State Portal or in person at the Registration department.

To ensure compliance, the Advising department will check your registration schedule to make sure that the schedule (enrolled in the appropriate college prep course or courses) is in compliance with the Florida State Board Administrative Rule (please see the Florida State Board Administrative Rule below).

Florida State Board of Education Administrative rule 6A-10.0315(20) mandates that students completed their remedial coursework by the time they have accumulated twelve (12) hours of college credit coursework or they must maintain continuous enrollment in college preparatory coursework each semester until the requirements are completed while performing satisfactorily in the degree earning coursework.

If you are eligible to retest, before spring 2013, please see this information: http://www.fsw.edu/testing/placement