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Thu, Dec 1, 2022
OBOC: Honoring Traditions and Saving Money - Online
Dedicate to Graduate

As Attenborough writes in his book A Life on Our Planet, the shift to a plant-based diet will not only make us healthier and enable the sustainable production of food for everyone, but it will also greatly help restore the Earth's biodiversity and stabilize its climate. How can we make this shift and still continue to enjoy our favorite holiday and everyday meals? In this workshop, plant-based cooking coach Carey Ralston will give a live cooking demonstration and get us started on this path... Learn how to prepare delicious food that is healthier both for you and the planet, while saving time and money! FSW participants will have a chance to receive a free digital and printable copy of one of Carey's cookbooks. ATTENTION $TUDENT$: Attend the session and complete Session #5 Workshop Challenge for a chance to win a $100 gift card raffle and other prizes!

Location: ZOOM
Sponsor: Student Engagement
Contact: Email:
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