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Thu, Dec 1, 2022
OBOC: How will WE transform society? - Online
Dedicate to Graduate

OBOC Workshop Series: A Vision for the Future, based on FSW's One Book One College initiative "A Life on Our Planet" by David Attenborough,
Presented by Dr. Marcela Trevino.

Throughout the OBOC Workshop Series A Vision for the Future, we have explored the multiple benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, which is one of the solutions that Attenborough proposes to restore the Earth's biodiversity and stabilize its climate (A Life on Our Planet, pp. 159-173; you may watch a related 3-min animated video at The Power Is On Your Plate Drs. Trevino and Romeo - YouTube). As Attenborough writes, the shift to plant-based diets is one of the great social changes that humanity needs to undertake. In this final session, we will hear from members of organizations that are helping individuals, institutions, and entire communities implement this urgent change locally and worldwide. Come sit at the table with our guest experts and learn how YOU CAN HELP CREATE A HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE AND PEACEFUL WORLD! ATTENTION FSW $TUDENT$: Attend and complete Session 6 Workshop Challenge for a chance to win a raffle of gift cards for plant-based meals, courtesy of local vegan food vendors P2F Meals - Vegan, Meal Prep, Vegan Food, Living Vine Organic Cafe, and Ada's Natural Market (

Education- and policy-related issues:
o Which government entity issues the current recommended dietary guidelines for Americans?
- How do they impact food-related government programs such as school lunches and food stamps?
- How do they compare to the dietary guidelines issued by other health care professionals/organizations?
o Are there any retirement funds that invest in animal agriculture and/or commercial fishing?
o What are possible reasons for a person to resist the switch to a plant-based lifestyle?
o How may access to plant-based meals be improved?
- At home, school, the workplace, public places, or tax-funded programs?
o What resources are available to educate the public on plant-based nutrition?
o What resources are available to learn how to prepare whole food, plant-based meals?
Tentative guest speakers: PCRM rep, LSHP rep, Honey Levine (PlantPure Communities), Rachel Brown.

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