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Today is:
Thu, Dec 1, 2022
International Research Expo: Poster Session
International Education

-FSW's Center for International Education: Study Abroad
-Professor Fernando Mayoral: Foreign Languages: Your
Connection to the World
-Dr. Bruno Baltodano: Direct Democracy in Aymara Ayllus:
Struggle for Self-Determination
-Dr. Roger Webster: An RFID Secure Entry Android App for US
Open Pickleball Championships
-Dr. Amy Trogan: Lewis, The Four Loves, and the Barfields
-Silvia Guerrero-Smith and Jenna Rytlewski: The Advising
Compass Initiative: Guiding Students on their Educational
-Dr. Janelle Christensen, Dr. Rozalind Jester, Mia Aragon, Alexis
Isherwood, and Christopher Beingolea: Student Perceptions of
-Online Learning at FSW: A Qualitative Analysis of Summer
2021 Student Survey Short Answer Reponses
-Catherine Dominguez: Troubled Minds
-Cameron Olivera, Annique Jordan, and Laura McClinton: Initial
comparison of monthly prokaryotic metagenomic reads and
environmental parameter trends between CES01SUR,
CES06SUR, CES10SUR in the Caloosahatchee River and Estuary
-Nicholas Kenyon and Kandice Kucharczyk: Analyzing Student
Performance in Student Facilitated Computer Development
Workshops within FSW's Community
-Elesban Hernandez: Potential

-FSW's Center for International Education: Study Abroad
-Yadira Menendez-Rodriguez: Impact of Covid-19: Social,
Psychological, and Emotional Consequence of Cancelled High
School Commencement Ceremony
-Cristal Navarrete: Dietary Components of Florida Box Turtles
(Terrapene bauri) in Coastal South Florida
-Cody Weber and Victoria Mann: Home Range and Habitat Use
of Florida Box Turtles (Terrapene bauri) in an Enclosed South
Florida Preserve
-Richard Guevara: Identification and Frequency of Algal
Epiphytes in Florida Box Turtles
-Victoria Hemingway: Southwest Florida Turtle Project: Behind
the Scenes

Location: Lee: External J building & Collier: External N-building
Price: Free with your Buc Card
Contact: Email:
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