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Sat, Dec 3, 2022
Period. End Of Sentence. Watch Party
Student Engagement

Period. End of Sentence. is a documentary short film about Indian women leading a quiet sexual revolution. The documentary short follows a group of local women in Hapur, India, as they learn how to operate a machine that makes low-cost, biodegradable sanitary pads, which they sell to other women at affordable prices. This not only helps to improve feminine hygiene by providing access to basic products, but also supports and empowers the women to shed the taboos in India surrounding menstruation. Though the film is set in India, many of the teachable moments are relevant to the US as well. Watch the 25 minute documentary with us and have a discussion about Period Poverty and ending the Menstrual stigma.

We're giving away THREE Cratejoy boxes from the Women-Owned Business collection.

Kast link:

This series aligns with the Office of Student Engagements student development curriculum under leadership development, wellness management, and community engagement.

Location: Kast online
Contact: Student Engagement
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