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Sat, Nov 26, 2022
Dark Side of Leadership - Online
Student Engagement

When leaders face challenges and increased pressure, they either excel or fail. They straddle the line between their strength and weakness, especially when facing difficult decisions or situations. When does drive become a brutal ambition? When does confidence turn into arrogance? When does attention to detail become controlling?

Many people focus on the positive side of leadership but never acknowledge the shadow side of leadership. The dark side (shadow) of leadership is an ongoing pattern of behavior displayed by a leader that negatively impacts people. Come and learn how to identify and recognize traits of shadow leaders.

This series aligns with the Office of Student Engagements student development curriculum under leadership development.

Zoom link: https://fsw.zoom.us/j/87483490511?pwd=ZmxLbTY3cENRc05JR2dpOExlVHJIUT09

Location: ZOOM
Price: Free with Buc Card
Contact: Student Engagement
Email: engage@fsw.edu
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