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Thu, Dec 8, 2022
OBOC: Plant-Based Health?
Dedicate to Graduate

In A Life on Our Planet, David Attenborough writes: "A wealth of research has already been done to deduce what kind of diet would be fair, healthy and sustainable - both good for people and good for the planet. The universal opinion is that in the future we will have to change to a diet that is largely plant-based... This will not only reduce the amount of space we need for farmland, and produce fewer greenhouse gases, it will be much healthier for us too." (p. 170). Join us to learn about the health-promoting benefits of plant-based nutrition from DNP Sonya King, a Lifestyle Medicine Nurse Practitioner in SWFL. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a grocery shopping field trip with Sonya, where you can learn how to select plant-based foods that are healthy and affordable!


Location: Zoom
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