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Thu, Dec 8, 2022
Studying Birds that Nest on Cell Phone Towers with Dominique Rossetti
Student Engagement

As fulfillment for the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, Dominique worked as a Florida biologist for an environmental consulting firm working on a contract for one of the major cell phone carriers. Environmental conservation depends on a multi-factored approach for successful protection. Policy, management and enforcement are all necessary for the protection of wild species.

During her time in the field, she gained experience learning about how wild animals are adapting to a changing landscape, which includes expanding their range into areas previously considered unsuitable for habitation.

Dominique Rossetti, an FGCU and FSW Graduate, is the Collier Campus lab manager.

Join the NABT Bio club for this month's Biology Seminar.

ZOOM LINK: MEETING ID: 88205947695

Location: Online through Zoom
Contact: Vera Verga
Email: vera.verga@fsw.edu
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