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Wed, Dec 7, 2022
Learn & Discuss | Hidden Figures
Student Engagement

Let's talk about it! Hidden Figures shows the story of Katherine Goble Johnson and the other women responsible for the United States landing on the moon and other space missions. Johnson's complex calculations were critical to the success of many U.S. space travel expeditions. At the time, women were not allowed to have their names on any reports or projects. This movie shows the racism and sexism women had to overcome to prove themselves and that their work was just as invaluable to their male coworkers. We will show short clips of the movie and discuss the themes from the movie and how they are prevalent in our society today.

This event is hosted by Umoja (Black Student Association). Umoja means unity in Swahili. Umoja is a new student group that strives to increase connection and a sense of belonging among students from underrepresented populations such as African American and Black descendants' students.

Zoom link: https://fsw.zoom.us/j/87564041770

Location: Virtual/Zoom
Price: FREE with BUC ID Card
Contact: Student Engagement
Email: jbeard1@fsw.edu
Phone: 239-489-9277
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