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Sat, Dec 3, 2022
Reasons to feel good about Seafood with Dr. McGregor
Student Engagement

Dr. McGregor believes that while people cause the environmental problems we face today, we are also the best chance (if we all do our part!) to solve them. To learn how to be part of the solution to pollution, drought and climate change, she pursued a career in Environmental Sciences and accidentally discovered the world of fisheries and aquaculture, and a career where she feels she really can make a difference.

Dr. McGregor will educate us on how sustainably caught or farmed fish and seafood can be good for you and the planet. She will also share another perspective to the Netflix "Seaspiracy documentary" based on her work experience in the UK.

Join the NABT Bio club for this month's Biology Seminar.

ZOOM LINK: MEETING ID: 88205947695

Location: Online through Zoom
Contact: Vera Verga
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