Help Choosing a Career or Major
Choosing a Career/Major

Choosing a major and deciding on a career can be a daunting and confusing task. But you are not alone, most students starting college are not sure what educational or career path to follow. If you are not sure where to start, or just want to confirm that you are on the right track, visit Career Services for assistance in identifying and developing your career plans.

How We Can Help

Career Services can assist you with these five important steps:

  1. Find out about yourself – Complete assessments to help you identify your personality, interests, and workplace needs and values.
  2. Find out about careers – Identify careers that match you personality, interests, and values. Learn about the training and education needed, the job outlook, salaries and characteristics and responsibilities needed for a variety of careers.
  3. Narrow down the possibilities – Using what you know about yourself and potential “good fit” careers, develop a timeline and educational plan to meet your career goals.
  4. Prepare for the Job Search – Learn how to write a professional cover leter and resume, complete a job application, and prepare for a professional interview.
  5. Search for a job – Explore local and national job sites. Learn about the “hidden” job market. Register and search for jobs using FSW Jobnet.

Visit Career Services to help you get started finding an enjoyable and rewarding career that fits YOU and helps you achieve your goals.