Susan M. Patti

Adjunct Faculty

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Susan Patti
Office Hours: By appointment
Department: School of Health Professions - Human Services
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Susan Patti graduated from Salem State University in Salem, MA with a BSW in Social Work and an M.Ed. in Community Counseling. She is a certified Parent Educator, School Social Worker, School Counselor and Human Services Professional.  She has worked in the field of Social and Human Services for some 40 years.  She started her career in the Boston area in child protection, foster care, adoption, and juvenile justice.  Ms. Patti moved into the field of mental health and substance abuse and has worked for private and nonprofit organizations for many years in the Fort Myers area.  Work settings have included inpatient psychiatric, outpatient psychiatric and psychiatric crisis stabilization.  Substance abuse work settings have included both inpatient and outpatient, with adolescents and adults.   For the last 20 years she has been employed with the Lee County Schools as a school counselor serving students and parents and as a collegial educator for teaching staff.  She has also been involved as a community speaker and professional trainer for many organizations on various topics related to her education and experience.  Ms. Patti has been employed as an adjunct professor at FSW in the Social and Human Services Department since January of 2014 where she has been teaching the next generation of social and human services professionals.

  • M.Ed Community Counseling , 1987
  • BSW Social Work, 1977
  • Human Services Professional , 2017
  • School Counselor , 1999
  • School Social Worker, 1999
  • HUS 2302
  • HUS 1640
  • HUS 1320