Academic Resources

Dual Enrollment students are encouraged to use the following resources at Florida SouthWestern State College in order to receive academic help.

  • The Writing Center staff is committed to providing a supportive, non-threatening environment in which students can improve their skills. They strive to help students build the reading and writing competencies needed to be successful not only while attending Florida SouthWestern State College, but throughout their lives. Their hope is that students leave each tutoring session feeling better equipped to do well in their related coursework. It is important to them that they help create better writers, not simply better papers.

  • The Math Center provides learning support for all levels of mathematics. They welcome all students to stop in and ask questions regarding their math work. Keeping up-to-date on your math work will best help you as a student. They offer drop-in math help during peak hours with their professional and peer tutors, and scheduled appointments with their peer tutors.

  • The Tutoring Center at Florida SouthWestern State College specializes in free individual and small group tutoring for FSW students. Tutoring is offered on a limited basis for students enrolled in that particular course at FSW for that semester. Students have found that a little help makes a big difference in how successful they are in their course(s). It is the goal of The Tutoring Center to promote continued academic success for all students at Florida SouthWestern State College.

  • The Oral Communication Center (OCC) facilitates academic success by assisting students with all phases of the speech and/ or presentation process. No appointment is necessary! You can simply walk in and receive instruction. Here are some of the areas where students can receive assistance:
    • Creating speech preparation/sentence outlines
    • Providing feedback to students who practice their speech in the Center
    • Brainstorming speech topics
    • Creating effective presentation aids through the use of PowerPoint

Please visit the link below for more information:

Dual Enrollment students are encouraged to use resources available through the FSW Library.