Tools & One-on-One Training

Tools to aide in completing annual Effectiveness Plans are the following:

1. Compliance Assist+

2. Qualtrics+

One-on-One Training

The Office of Effectiveness offers one-on-one and asynchronous online training on various topics related to institutional assessment, continuous improvement and survey expertise. Below are links to online trainings for Compliance Assist (software for housing Effectiveness Plans/Reports), and for Qualtrics (institution-wide survey administration software). Unit leaders are invited to request face-to-face training from any of the topics below.

Introduction to Effectiveness and Compliance Assist at FSW+

Writing Effective Operational Outcomes (for Administrative and Academic Units)+

Introduction to Qualtrics Survey Software+

Analyzing and Reporting Qualtrics Survey Data Results: Part I+

Analyzing and Reporting Qualtrics Survey Data Results: Part II+

Handcrafted Survey Questions - Winning the Hearts of Respondents+

Selecting Suitable Assessment Strategies to Measure Operational Outcomes+

"Using Results" in Effectiveness Planning+

To request a training (or if you have any questions), please contact from the Office of Effectiveness.