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Cycle of Effectiveness

Annual Cycle of Review Goals
Review Goal Goal Date
Effectiveness Plan Last Friday of September
Plan Updates (as a result of Departmental or Staff meetings) Third Friday in November
Results Updates Third Friday of April
Results and/or Finalization Second Friday of May
Finalization Last Friday in August

These dates are designed to meet both the schedules of academic departments and staff departments and so some goal dates may not meet those of your area. If there are outcomes in your Effectiveness Plan that are not yet complete and do not yet have data, please omit the goal date set above for those outcomes.

Each year, Florida SouthWestern State College's Office of Accountability & Effectiveness aids administrative units and academic programs in the development and tracking of their respective "Effectiveness Plans." Creating a formal "Effectiveness Plan" is an important step in consistently documenting the continuous improvement efforts educational leaders engage at FSW. Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is the extent to which planned outcomes, goals, or objectives are achieved as a result of an activity, strategy, intervention or initiative intended to achieve the desired effect. Thus, a useful Effectiveness Plan is one that contains clearly written outcomes, strategies for meeting those outcomes and has appropriate assessment techniques for measuring how well those outcomes have been achieved. Finally, to "close the loop" on the institutional effectiveness cycle, each Effectiveness Plan should use results in a meaningful, impactful way.

Cycle diagram