Current Giving

Rush Hall

Everyone has a passion.

Whether your passion is attending art openings at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, ensuring FSW has the best technology on the market, seeing the look in a student’s eyes when they get that scholarship check, or being a part of the epic return of the Buccaneers, the FSW Foundation has options to fit everyone’s philanthropic interests.

We are committed to working with you – returning donors or those considering their first gift – to ensure that your generosity makes the kind of difference you want to see at the college. Our concern is that the process of giving to FSW is both easy and impactful.

If you’re interested in hearing how you, your business, you organization, or your family can make a difference at FSW, e-mail or reach out to one of our gift officers directly.

Annual Gifts

Every annual gift we receive has an immediate impact on a student or program. Regardless of the gift size, every dollar matters at FSW. Annual gifts are designed to support the greatest needs of the college and as a donor you make the choice as to which area receives your generous support.

You may choose to make a gift to one of our four locations: Thomas Edison (Lee) Campus, Collier Campus, Charlotte Campus, or Hendry/Glades Center.

Annual gifts can also benefit one of FSW’s five academic schools, the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Museum of Medical History at FSW, athletics, a general scholarship fund or specific scholarships.

Another option is to give to the Community Fund for FSW, which will benefit a cause with the greatest need.

Make a gift quickly and easily online at without leaving your house or contact the FSW Foundation for more information at .

Establish an Endowment

Donors seeking a long-term dedication to FSW have the option of establishing an endowment fund, which not only assists students in covering the costs of attendance but also acts as a stable source of income for the FSW Foundation. Over time the Foundation strategically invests your money to grow your endowment and spends only what is earned.

Endowment funds at FSW are generally established with a minimum of $50,000, although that amount does not need to be given at once or by a single donor. As the donor, the Foundation ultimately wants the choice to be with you, your organization, or your family.

These types of funds are typically created to support specific student scholarships – where donors set the terms of who is eligible – or funding for innovative programs that develop future leaders or fund research. Many of our endowment funds are named after the generous donors who established them in the first place, and who get the chance to see their contribution endure.

Learn more about endowment funds at FSW at .

Matching Gifts

The FSW Foundation is eager to work with employees from across the United States interested in supporting the college’s mission through a matching gift. Some companies are willing to match a charitable contribution made by an employee. While it’s the responsibility of the donor to ensure that his or her company is willing to match the gift, the Foundation will work with these types of donors to help students, programs or the college as a whole.

Reach out to the Foundation at to find out how you can make a matched gift.

Gifts In Kind

One popular way donors support students or programs is by making in-kind gifts, when a person, organization or business donates goods or services rather than money. Examples of in-kind gifts may include the donation of artwork, technology for classrooms, and even the time it takes for a professional expert to conduct a special workshop with students.

These gifts ensure that we are providing an exceptional educational experience for our students. In many cases, in-kind donors are able to claim the value of a contribution as a charitable deduction.

Do you have the resources to make an in-kind gift but need to know more about it? E-mail and one of our professional gift officers will contact you.