Important 2006 Hurricane Season Notification

Jun 12, 2006

As you know, the 2006 hurricane season has officially begun on June 1 and will continue through November 30. We all now know that unforeseen natural disasters may truly impact our lives. At this time, we feel it is appropriate to provide basic information on Edison College’s hurricane policies and procedures that take effect in the event of an emergency.

The authority for declaring the closing of the college and its various locations is the sole responsibility of the college’s District President. In the event of an emergency, the District President may close a part of or all of the college’s campuses and/or locations.

One of the lessons we learned through our continuous improvement effort is the importance of establishing a comprehensive communications systems to reach students, faculty, staff and the general public. Should a hurricane strike any of Edison’s campuses or sites, critical information will be accessible through Edison’s main line at 239-489-9300 or on the college website at

Just prior to, during and in the aftermath of a hurricane, the Edison College home web page will list essential information about campus closings, event cancellations and re-openings. New information will be recorded on the main phone line and posted on the website as frequently as warranted. Information will also be made available to local television, radio and print news outlets in an effort to reach those who do not have access to a telephone or to the Internet.

While no amount of planning can offer total protection against communication breakdowns, this multiple source approach will help to keep everyone informed.

Thank you for your attention.


Robert R. Jones, Ed.D.
District Executive Vice President and Lee Campus President