Changing Lives Magazine Fall 2008 Is Here!

Nov 11, 2008

The spotlight shines on Edison State College’s distinguished alumni in the Fall 2008 issue of Changing Lives magazine.

Learn about Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp’s journey from Edison student to Florida’s number 2 leader.
Editor of Changing Lives magazine Dr. Edith Pendleton wanted to showcase some of the students who combined their own talents with Edison State’s high-caliber education to become leaders in Florida and around the world.
“Edison State has so many alumni we’re proud to have served,” Pendleton said. “We want today’s students to see all of the wonderful people who’ve studied at Edison and have gone on to do amazing things.”
The cover story highlights Maria Cardenas, the daughter of migrant farmer workers who spoke no English. Cardenas earned an associates degree from Edison and is now a teacher at Orange River Elementary School in Fort Myers.
“Visiting Ms. Cardena’s third grade class was a great opportunity to see an Edison graduate really making a difference in our community,” said Dr. Kenneth Walker, President of Edison State College. “I know her students will benefit from her hard work and dedication to providing quality education.”  
This issue also takes an in-depth look at the legacy of Robert Rauschenberg, in which it pays tribute to the quiet, artistic genius, whose name will live on at Edison State through the Gallery that bears his name. Learn more about the contributions his artistic insight provided for generations of aspiring artists.
Changing Lives Magazine is a combined production between Edison State College and Times of the Islands.