School of Education approved as First ‘School' within the College

Nov 30, 2009

The Edison State College Board of Trustees unanimously approves the School of Education at its November meeting.


The new school provides students and faculty a greater sense of camaraderie and also provides more visibility and oversight.


“Since the College opened its doors in 1962, the institution has been organized by divisions or disciplines, which is the standard practice among two-year colleges,” said Dr. Robert Beeson, Dean of Arts and Sciences.  “As Edison State grows the number of four-year degree programs, the College has chosen to follow the practice that most four-year colleges use in referring to major instructional units as ‘schools’.”


Education Degrees currently offered:


      • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

§  Bachelor of Science in Secondary Biology

§  Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math

§  Associate in Arts Degree with Education emphasis

§  Associate  of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education

Education Degrees pending approval:

§  Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Language Arts

§  Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Mathematics

      • Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Science


This new organizational structure positions the college to continue to develop the baccalaureate mission. It is anticipated that over time, this new structure will empower the faculty, facilitate communication, increase accountability for effective teaching and professional growth, and enhance the student experience, said Beeson.


Under this new organizational framework, the heads of the various schools will be deans or associate deans and the heads of departments will be called department chairs. Department chairs will be the college leaders close to where the instructional and scholarly mission of the College is carried out, and, therefore, closest to the students. 




An academic unit seeking school status will be evaluated using the following guidelines:


1.      The unit should offer at least two baccalaureate degrees and at least 25% of its faculty will hold a terminal degree in the field of study.


2.      The programs of the unit should be accredited by professional agencies.


3.      The program’s scope must be appropriately broad, and the academic units conceptually fit together to provide a coherent set of educational experiences and outcomes.


4.      Two or more programs have a substantial similarity or affinity of objectives such that economics of operation or improvement in quality may reasonably be expected from their consolidation.


  1. The clarity of the program’s identity and function will be increased by transfer to or consolidation with another program or institution.


“School” status and will be implemented for fall semester 2010.  A School of Health Professions is planned as the second ‘school’ within the college pending state approval of proposed BAS programs.