Proctored Exams

Proctor Request Form

Please Note: Proctored Exam Forms must be submitted no later than 3 business days prior to the day of your test. Any requests that are submitted after 4 PM on Fridays will not be processed until the following Monday.


MUST be a valid FSW e-mail account (same as portal) or the request will not be processed.

i.e. Midterm, Final, Test 2 etc...


Taking your exam through a college/university testing center or a professional testing service

1. Locate a testing center staff member at a university, state college, or community college to administer your exam. If you are not familiar with any testing center locations, please visit the following links for information concerning educational testing sites:

  • Florida Shines—lists testing centers registered with the Florida Shines throughout the state of Florida.
  • CCTC—lists participants of the National College Testing Association’s Consortium of College Testing Centers.


2. Locate a certified test administrator at a professional testing center to proctor your exam.

Please Note: When you have identified a test proctor through either option 1 or 2, please complete the Test Proctor Form shown below for each exam you wish to have proctored. You will be responsible for any fees that the testing center may charge.

Your test(s) must be administered at a testing center location during normal business hours.

All proctors must agree to:

  • Maintain the security of the test by keeping it in a protected environment.
  • Verify the identification of the examinee (Photo ID with signature - No exceptions).
  • Administer the test in a secure, proctored setting.
  • Testing environment will be comfortable, free from distractions, and visually monitored.
  • Ensure the security of test questions. Test questions will not be revealed, copied or otherwise be reproduced.
  • All materials used by the student during testing shall be collected.
  • Provide no assistance to the examinee in answering the test questions.

When you have identified a test proctor, complete the Test Proctor Form below for each exam you will need proctored. You will be responsible for any fees the testing center may charge.

By submitting the Proctor Approval, you agree to comply with the Florida SouthWestern State College Code of Conduct which expressly prohibits Academic Dishonesty. Academic Dishonesty includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Cheating on an examination
  • Receiving help from others in work to be submitted, if contrary to the rules of the course
  • Plagiarizing, that is the taking and passing off as one's own the ideas, writings, or work of another, without citing the sources
  • Submitting work from another course unless permitted by the instructor
  • Stealing examinations or course materials
  • Falsifying records
  • Assisting anyone to do any of the above