Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an idea/concept for a grant and want to seek external funds but you are not sure where to begin, have never written a grant before, or just need assistance in writing your grant, please contact the Director of Assessment & Effectiveness, Dr. Joseph van Gaalen () or the Manager of Grants Administration and Development, Stella Egan (). We might already have some quick answers to quick questions so check below for information as well.

Is it necessary to work with the Office of Sponsored Programs in order to submit a grant proposal? +

Yes. The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research serves as the liaison between the grantor and the project team. We are here to assist you in all phases of the grant process. In order to apply for funding as an employee of Florida SouthWestern State College, or receive funds as part of Florida SouthWestern State College your grant must be approved by the appropriate Vice President(s), President, and Board of Trustees if necessary.

Why does a grant proposal require approval prior to submission?+

A grant award is a legal obligation and financial commitment by Florida SouthWestern State College. Making sure appropriate persons and/or departments are aware of the potential impact to the College is imperative. This includes, but is not limited to, matching funds requirement, alignment with the President’s strategic directions and appropriation of indirect costs.

How much notice is required to submit a grant proposal request?+

It depends.

Complete proposals including the Authorization for Grant Application form require 48 hours in order to ensure the proposal is uploaded satisfactorily. A grant proposal is considered complete when all of the components required from the funding agency are included in the document or grant application package in its entirety and it has been thoroughly reviewed. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to include all required components of the proposal.

Some grant solicitations offers small windows of time between advertisement and submission deadline while others provide several months of notice. Please notify our office as soon as you start thinking about applying for a grant. Notifying us as soon as possible allows ample time for a quality grant proposal to be completed.

Contact our office first to ensure the feasibility of proposal completion.

How long does it take to learn about whether a grant has been accepted for funding?+

It depends on the funding source. Most grants will state the award notification time frame within the solicitation. However, a general rule of thumb is 6-12 weeks.

My grantor has requested a status report on my project. What should I do?+

Please contact:
Stella Egan at (x11227) or (239) 489-9227

Still have questions?+

Please contact:
Stella Egan at (x11227) or (239) 489-9227 or
Dr. Joseph van Gaalen at (x16965) or (239) 433-6965


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Grant Writing Resources

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