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Office of the Provost

Dr. Eileen DeLuca.
Dr. Eileen DeLuca

Welcome to the webpage for the Office of the Provost. As the Provost, I take great pride in the academic achievements of our students, faculty and staff.

Over 200 full-time faculty members, over 400 adjuncts along with close to 400 staff deliver high quality education to over 21,000 FSW students annually. As a premier State College, FSW focuses on providing a strong foundation in general education in addition to preparing individuals for the Southwest Florida Workforce. Florida SouthWestern State College offers certificate programs, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Baccalaureate degrees. A full list of the academic programs can be found on the FSW Academic Programs page. The Associate of Arts degree provides a strong foundation for students who choose to matriculate into one of FSW's baccalaureate programs or transfer to a state university.

The Academic unit at Florida SouthWestern State College is divided into five schools: School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, School of Business and Technology, School of Education, School of Health Professions, and the School of Pure and Applied Sciences. Each of the Schools is led by an academic administrator with expertise in his or her given area.

Office of the Provost

Contact Title Email
Dr. Eileen DeLuca Provost
Sherolyn Crawford Administrative Coordinator

Academic Affairs

Contact Title Email
Dr. Martin McClinton Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Dr. Deborah Teed Dean, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Debbie Psihountas Dean, School of Business and Technology
Dr. Joyce Rollins Interim Dean School of Education and Charter Schools
Dr. Paula Tropello Dean, School of Health Professions
Dr. Donald McGarey Dean, School of Pure and Applied Sciences
Brenda Knight Registrar
William Shuluk Library Coordinator/Head Librarian
Michael Messina Director, International Education
Monica Moore Director, Academic Support Programs
Jade Dellinger Director, Exhibitions and Collections
Dr. Sarah Lublink Interim Director, Professional Development and Faculty Engagement
Dr. Wendy Chase Coordinator, Honors Program

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Contact Title Email
Dr. Christy Gilfert Interim Vice Provost, Student Affairs
Michelle King Administrative Coordinator
Dr. Christy Gilfert Assistant Vice Provost, Enrollment Services
Matthew Sanchez Director, Student Financial Aid
Whitney Rhyne Director, Strategic Initiatives
Justin Long Director, Housing and Residence Life
Dr. Mark Bukowski Dean of Students
Amanda Lehrian Director, Hendry/Glades Center
Gail Murphy Campus Director, Collier
Dr. Thomas Rath Campus Director, Charlotte

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness

Contact Title Email
Dr. Joseph van Gaalen Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness
D'ariel Barnard Coordinator, Assessment, Accountability, & Effectiveness
Kelli Dunlap Director, Institutional Reporting & Analysis
Jessica Harber Coordinator, Institutional Research
Grace Scardo Coordinator, Grants & Assessment

Contact Information

Sherolyn Crawford

Administrative Coordinator
Thomas Edison Campus, I-214
(239) 433-6913

Dr. Eileen DeLuca

Thomas Edison Campus, I-214A
(239) 985-3498