Research, Technology & Accountability

The Department of Research, Technology & Accountability supports the planning, assessment, accreditation and decision-making efforts throughout the District by providing data and information for managing and maintaining the quality and effectiveness of programs and services.

The daily operations of Research, Technology & Accountability are organized around four primary activities:


The Office of Accountability provides leadership to Florida SouthWestern State College for the coordination, development, and implementation of a strategic and comprehensive accountability plan. This office is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the systems necessary to meet requirements of regional and programmatic accreditation and federal and state accountability mandates.


The office of effectiveness is responsible for overseeing the areas of institutional and program level evaluation. We provide support to the campus community to set measureable goals, define operational and student learning outcomes, evaluate success and improve their impact and effectiveness. Institutional effectiveness encompasses the continuous improvement cycle in which faculty and staff are provided with guidance for program/unit planning, defining student learning outcomes and operational outcomes, program/unit monitoring, and program/unit evaluation.

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for the production and preservation of data resources to support decision making and strategic planning at Florida SouthWestern State College. Institutional Research provides data to federal and state governmental agencies and disseminates institutional data internally and externally.

Office of Sponsored Programs & Research

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research (OSPR) oversees proposal submission of sponsored research, scholarship, instructional and other activities at Florida Southwestern, and contractual compliance as it relates to Sponsored Programs.


The Technology Services Division mission is to deliver best-of-class technology-based systems and services to the Florida SouthWestern State College community in the most cost-effective manner while providing Florida SouthWestern State College students, faculty and staff with a reliable, secure, and managed technology infrastructure which facilitates the transfer of knowledge and promotes the ethical use of technology.