Out of Area P.E.R.T. Testing Options

You will need to find a college, university, or a professional testing center that offers proctoring services. When you have identified a test proctor, please email the following contact information to as well as your full name, date of birth, and/or FSW ID#:

  • Name of College/University/Professional Testing Center
  • Proctor Name
  • Proctor Email Address
  • Proctor Phone Number

Note: You will be responsible for any fees the testing center may charge.

All proctors must agree to:

  • Maintain the security of the test by keeping it in a protected environment.
  • Verify the identification of the examinee (Photo ID with signature - No exceptions).
  • Administer the test in a secure, proctored setting.
  • Testing environment will be comfortable, free from distractions, and visually monitored.
  • Ensure the security of test questions. Test questions will not be revealed, copied or otherwise be reproduced.
  • All materials used by the student during testing shall be collected.
  • Provide no assistance to the examinee in answering the test questions.

ProctorU testing services allows you to take your P.E.R.T. test online from anywhere using a webcam and a high speed internet connection. You will be responsible for any fees charged for using this service.

In order to test through ProctorU, please create an account by completing the following steps:

  1. Please log on to ProctorU
  2. Create an account under "FLORIDA SOUTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE P.E.R.T."
  3. Once you have created an account please email stating that you have created a ProctorU account and be sure to include your entire name, date of birth, and/or FSW student ID# so we can set up your exam.

ProctorU Fee Schedule for Florida SouthWestern State College Online Students

Length of Exam ProctorU Proctoring Fee
Full PERT or Two Subtests $42.50
One Subtest $25.00
Premium fees: Take It Soon Scheduling within 72 hours of exam appointment is an additional $5 added to the cost of the exam
Take It Now Scheduling within 1 hour of exam appointment is an additional $8.75 added to the cost of the exam