Final Grades

Final grades are due by the time and on the date listed in the Academic Calendar for Faculty published for the semester.

A "worksheet not available" message will appear when attempting to enter grades outside of the grade entry period.

Instructors can make changes to grades immediately within a 240-minute period after entering a grade even if they have clicked “Submit” as long as they are still logged into the portal, and before the cut-off time. After the initial 240 minutes, or logging out of the portal, the grades will be final and will be made available to students.

To enter grades after the deadline, or to change a grade, a Change of Grade form from your Dean's office with the Dean's signature is required.

If a student is actively enrolled in your class (shows on the roll with no "W") and never attended you must submit a grade of "F". In the date field please list the first day of your class.

It is very important to remember that if a student appears on your roll with a "W" or an "X", do not attempt to enter a grade over the "W" or the "X".

If entering an F or an I for a student you must enter his or her last date of attendance in the proper format (01/01/2016 - two digit month/two digit date/4 digit year) listed on the sheet.

If a student is granted an "I" for incomplete it will be changed to the grade of "F" if a grade is not assigned via a Change of Grade form prior to a specific date, generally around 6 weeks after the Grade Entry deadline.

The Registrar reopens Grade Entry after the College finals for dual enrollment classes.

Directions for entering grades:

  1. Log in to your "FSW" portal
  2. Click on Faculty Services tab
  3. Click on "Final Grades"
  4. Select correct term
  5. Select correct CRN
  6. Enter grade for each student
  7. Click submit before going to the 2nd page of a class. There are approximately 25 names listed per page so be certain to look for a 2nd page for larger classes
  8. If the grade of "F" or the designation of "I" is given enter the last date of class attendance in the requested format
  9. "Save" or "Submit" at the completion of assigning grades.

* Note the system will log you out if you are idle for 10 or more minutes.

Contact the Registrar for more information about Grade Entry.