Apply for VA Benefits

Veterans and dependents of veterans who are eligible for educational benefits must follow the steps on this page.

  1. Complete application for VA Education Benefits via
    1. Go to
    2. Choose correct application by responding to the questions asked.
    3. Complete application.

  2. Apply for admission to the college as a degree seeking student
    • Then, submit transcripts from all prior education, including military transcripts, to the FSW Transcript Office. The VA requires that all prior education be assessed for transferability of credit prior to certification of enrollment. You can order your military transcripts through Joint Services Transcript.

  3. Complete a FAFSA application at
    • You are able to use Federal Financial Aid at the same time as your VA education benefits. You can also complete the application for FSW scholarships by clicking here.

  4. Contact Admissions to confirm requirements
    • Once accepted to the college you may have to complete a Placement Test, attend Orientation and meet with an Academic Advisor. Contact Admissions to confirm requirements.

  5. Provide the FSW VA Office with a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility and any other requested forms/documents
    • Your DD-214 (Member 4 copy) is preferred.

  6. Register for classes
    • Check with your Academic Advisor to determine which classes are required for your degree program. The VA will only fund classes that are required for your degree.

  7. Submit the Veteran’s Deferment Request Form via your student portal every time you register for classes or change your schedule (add/drop/withdraw)
    • This will ensure the VA is notified of your enrollment and prevents your classes from being dropped due to non-payment. Deferments should be submitted as early as possible and at least 1 week prior to deadline for payment. Refer to the current College Catalog for dates.
      1. Log into your student portal at
      2. The “Veteran’s Deferment Form” can be found in the “Additional Links” box.
      3. Complete the form, be sure you are choosing the correct term, and submit.
    • After you submit the form, you should get an email in your student email saying “Step 3/4 complete”. As the remaining 3 steps are completed at the school you will get 3 more emails confirming each step gets completed.

  8. Sign up for an “E-Benefits” account at
    • eBenefits allows you to access information regarding your VA benefits, including remaining education benefit entitlement and VA payment history.