Academic Assessment Analyst.pdf (134 KB)
    Academic Support Center Specialist (136 KB)
    Accounting Assistant.pdf (136 KB)
    Accounting Manager (150 KB)
    Accounts Payable Specialist.pdf (132 KB)
    Accounts Receivable Specialist I (136 KB)
    Accounts Receivable Specialist II (214 KB)
    Adaptive Services Specialist I (130 KB)
    Adjunct Faculty Librarian.pdf (93 KB)
    Adjunct Professor.pdf (208 KB)
    Administrative Assistant.pdf (136 KB)
    Administrative Coordinator (142 KB)
    Admissions Associate (135 KB)
    Admissions Counselor (138 KB)
    Admissions Processing Specialist II (138 KB)
    Admissions Processing Specialist.pdf (133 KB)
    Applications Support Specialist.pdf (131 KB)
    Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine and Compliance (166 KB)
    Assistant Athletics Director, Media Relations and Social Media (165 KB)
    Assistant Bursar, Cash Operations Management (139 KB)
    Assistant Bursar, Student Account Services (137 KB)
    Assistant Coach.pdf (160 KB)
    Assistant Director Communication, Outreach & Compliance (136 KB)
    Assistant Director Customer Service Training and Technology (134 KB)
    Assistant Director, Accounting Services (142 KB)
    Assistant Director, Adaptive Services (134 KB)
    Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services (144 KB)
    Assistant Director, Campus Student Engagement.pdf (137 KB)
    Assistant Director, Compliance and Training (137 KB)
    Assistant Director, Employee Services.pdf (142 KB)
    Assistant Director, Event Services (148 KB)
    Assistant Director, Institutional Research.pdf (132 KB)
    Assistant Instructional Designer (138 KB)
    Assistant Vice President, Enrollment and Student Success (151 KB)
    Assistant Vice President, Financial Services (169 KB)
    Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement-Executive Director, Fou... (149 KB)
    Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences (134 KB)
    Associate Dean, Cardiopulmonary and Emergency Care (161 KB)
    Associate Dean, Nursing Programs (161 KB)
    Associate Dean, Nursing Programs(1) (161 KB)
    Associate Dean, School of Business and Technology (162 KB)
    Associate Director, Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services.pdf... (143 KB)
    Associate Director, Admissions Evaluation and Processing.pdf (136 KB)
    Associate Director, Admissions.pdf (132 KB)
    Associate Director, Recruitment Operations.pdf (138 KB)
    Associate Director, Recruitment.pdf (138 KB)
    Associate Director, Student Engagement.pdf (140 KB)
    Associate Director, Student Financial Aid.pdf (134 KB)
    Associate Registrar, Graduation and Registration.pdf (141 KB)
    Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs (165 KB)
    Audio Visual Technician (131 KB)
    Auxiliary Services Associate.pdf (184 KB)
    Auxiliary Services Marketing Coordinator.pdf (137 KB)
    Budget Analyst.pdf (128 KB)
    Bursar.pdf (140 KB)
    Campus Director (221 KB)
    Campus President-Regional Vice President, Economic and Community Developmen... (133 KB)
    Cashier (134 KB)
    Chief Financial Officer, Foundation (134 KB)
    Chief Information Officer (139 KB)
    Chief of Staff (157 KB)
    Classroom Teacher, Charlotte Campus.pdf (166 KB)
    Classroom Teacher, FSWSCHS.pdf (166 KB)
    Clinical Associate 4101A 8 2016.pdf (132 KB)
    Clinical Coordinator Simulation Education (139 KB)
    Clinical Coordinator, Nursing (169 KB)
    Clinical Coordinator.pdf (132 KB)
    Construction Manager - Building Official.pdf (136 KB)
    Continuing Education Coordinator, Health Professions.pdf (189 KB)
    Continuing Education Specialist (139 KB)
    Controller.pdf (171 KB)
    Coordinator Effectiveness (132 KB)
    Coordinator Fitness and Campus Recreation (143 KB)
    Coordinator, Instructional Design (170 KB)
    Coordinator, Academic Affairs.pdf (160 KB)
    Coordinator, Academic Support Programs (138 KB)
    Coordinator, Academic Technology.pdf (138 KB)
    Coordinator, Accountability and Effectiveness (139 KB)
    Coordinator, Administrative Technology.pdf (137 KB)
    Coordinator, Alumni Relations and Development (160 KB)
    Coordinator, Arena Events and Operations (141 KB)
    Coordinator, Auxiliary Services (219 KB)
    Coordinator, Aviation Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Program (148 KB)
    Coordinator, Campus Student Engagement.pdf (139 KB)
    Coordinator, Campus Technology.pdf (130 KB)
    Coordinator, Clinical Placements - School of Education (162 KB)
    Coordinator, Collegiate High School Technology (141 KB)
    Coordinator, eLearning Operations (195 KB)
    Coordinator, eLearning Operations(1) (138 KB)
    Coordinator, Event Services.pdf (166 KB)
    Coordinator, Faculty Development and Training.pdf (132 KB)
    Coordinator, Firefighter Program.pdf (133 KB)
    Coordinator, Graphic Design.pdf (141 KB)
    Coordinator, High School Operations.pdf (135 KB)
    Coordinator, Housing & Residence Life.pdf (143 KB)
    Coordinator, Legal and Risk (136 KB)
    Coordinator, Library Circulation Services.pdf (130 KB)
    Coordinator, Marketing and Communications-Academic Affairs (141 KB)
    Coordinator, Plant Operations (132 KB)
    Coordinator, Retention and Student Success.pdf (132 KB)
    Coordinator, Staff Development (164 KB)
    Coordinator, Student Information Systems.pdf (133 KB)
    Coordinator, Student Rights and Responsibilities.pdf (135 KB)
    Coordinator, Student Services.pdf (132 KB)
    Coordinator, Technology Center.pdf (137 KB)
    Coordinator, Technology Event Services.pdf (131 KB)
    Coordinator, Testing Services (232 KB)
    Coordinator, Web Application Development (141 KB)
    Coordinator, Web Design and Content (142 KB)
    Coordinator, Xcel-IT Program.pdf (147 KB)
    CRM Systems Analyst (139 KB)
    Curriculum and Catalog Systems Officer.pdf (150 KB)
    Database Administrator, Lead.pdf (135 KB)
    Dean of Students (133 KB)
    Dean, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (136 KB)
    Dean, School of Business and Technology (161 KB)
    Dean, School of Education and Charter Schools (137 KB)
    Dean, School of Health Professions (218 KB)
    Dean, School of Pure and Applied Sciences (147 KB)
    Degree Audit System Specialist.pdf (137 KB)
    Dental Clinic Assistant.pdf (139 KB)
    Dental Clinic Supervisor.pdf (131 KB)
    Dental Clinical Associate.pdf (131 KB)
    Desktop Support Technician.pdf (131 KB)
    Director of Records.pdf (160 KB)
    Director, Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services (134 KB)
    Director, Academic Support Programs (139 KB)
    Director, Adaptive Services.pdf (143 KB)
    Director, Admissions (134 KB)
    Director, Admissions(1) (134 KB)
    Director, Application Development and Integration.pdf (142 KB)
    Director, Assessment and Effectiveness (143 KB)
    Director, Auxiliary Services (155 KB)
    Director, Budget.pdf (140 KB)
    Director, Communications and Public Information Officer (137 KB)
    Director, Corporate Training and Services (131 KB)
    Director, Development (137 KB)
    Director, Donor Relations and Event Management.pdf (167 KB)
    Director, DSO Finance (131 KB)
    Director, Dual Enrollment (138 KB)
    Director, Effectiveness and Accountability (147 KB)
    Director, eLearning (142 KB)
    Director, Enrollment Management Systems, Marketing and Communications... (142 KB)
    Director, Exhibitions and Collections (134 KB)
    Director, Facilities Planning and Maintenance (135 KB)
    Director, Faculty and Student Research.pdf (234 KB)
    Director, Governmental Relations (135 KB)
    Director, Hendry Glades Center (138 KB)
    Director, Housing and Residence Life (140 KB)
    Director, Human Resources (155 KB)
    Director, Institutional Promotions and Development (136 KB)
    Director, Institutional Research (138 KB)
    Director, Instructional Design and Development.pdf (139 KB)
    Director, Intercollegiate Athletics (141 KB)
    Director, International Education (137 KB)
    Director, Network Systems and Infrastructure.pdf (140 KB)
    Director, Procurement Services (134 KB)
    Director, Professional Development and Training.pdf (161 KB)
    Director, Public Safety (143 KB)
    Director, Risk and Counsel (134 KB)
    Director, Simulation Education.pdf (141 KB)
    Director, Strategic Initiatives (139 KB)
    Director, Student Engagement (140 KB)
    Director, Student Financial Aid (168 KB)
    Director, Technology User Services (140 KB)
    Director, Testing Services.pdf (136 KB)
    Director, University Program Articulation (218 KB)
    EIT Accessibility Coordinator (150 KB)
    Employee Services Associate.pdf (147 KB)
    Employment Social Media Specialist (203 KB)
    Employment Advisor (202 KB)
    EMS Clinical Associate.pdf (127 KB)
    EMS Clinical Associates (temp).pdf (128 KB)
    Event Services Specialist (139 KB)
    Event Services Staff.pdf (150 KB)
    Executive Assistant.pdf (131 KB)
    Exhibitions and Collections Specialist (134 KB)
    Facilities CAD Specialist (139 KB)
    Facilities Coordinator.pdf (160 KB)
    Facilities Systems Manager-Fire Official (134 KB)
    Faculty Development and Training Associate.pdf (183 KB)
    Faculty Librarian (201 KB)
    Financial Aid Assistant I.pdf (129 KB)
    Financial Aid Assistant II (132 KB)
    Financial Aid Specialist I.pdf (133 KB)
    Financial Aid Specialist II (140 KB)
    Fiscal Specialist, Foundation (135 KB)
    Fiscal Specialist.pdf (134 KB)
    Fitness and Intramural Specialist (129 KB)
    Fitness Center Attendant I (137 KB)
    Fitness Center Attendant II (139 KB)
    Fixed Asset Specialist.pdf (133 KB)
    Foundation Specialist I (138 KB)
    Foundation Specialist II (142 KB)
    FSW Blackbeard Mascot (133 KB)
    General Counsel (140 KB)
    Group Fitness Instructor 10 2016.pdf (137 KB)
    Guidance Counselor, FSWCHS (131 KB)
    Head Athletic Trainer (142 KB)
    Head Coach (139 KB)
    Horticulturist.pdf (130 KB)
    Human Resources Associate (137 KB)
    Human Resources Manager, Classification and Compensation (142 KB)
    Human Resources Manager, Employee Benefits (142 KB)
    Human Resources Manager, Operations.pdf (164 KB)
    Human Resources Manager, Talent Acquisition.pdf (139 KB)
    Human Resources Specialist II.pdf (203 KB)
    Information Security Officer.pdf (138 KB)
    Institutional Research Analyst II.pdf (129 KB)
    Instructional Assistant.pdf (136 KB)
    Instructional Designer.pdf (140 KB)
    Instructional Technologist I (138 KB)
    Instructional Technologist II (138 KB)
    Instructor Firefighter Program.pdf (127 KB)
    Instructor, Firefighter Program.pdf (96 KB)
    Intramural Official.pdf (136 KB)
    Intramural Scorekeeper (137 KB)
    Intramural Supervisor.pdf (139 KB)
    Library Assistant.pdf (135 KB)
    Library Systems Specialist (136 KB)
    Maintenance Mechanic.pdf (130 KB)
    Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operations (160 KB)
    Manager, Grants Administration and Development (165 KB)
    Network Administrator I (135 KB)
    Network Administrator II (140 KB)
    Network Infrastructure Technician (217 KB)
    Network Manager (139 KB)
    Network Systems Administrator II (219 KB)
    Nursing Support Specialist.pdf (132 KB)
    Office Assistant.pdf (133 KB)
    Operations Specialist, SOE (158 KB)
    Payroll Assistant (148 KB)
    Payroll Associate.pdf (142 KB)
    Payroll Manager (147 KB)
    Payroll Representative (140 KB)
    Payroll Specialist.pdf (142 KB)
    Personal Trainer.pdf (136 KB)
    Portal Systems Administrator (136 KB)
    President (126 KB)
    Principal, FSWSCHS.pdf (133 KB)
    Procurement Specialist.pdf (139 KB)
    Professor.pdf (136 KB)
    Program Assessment Coordinator, School of Education (139 KB)
    Program Director (151 KB)
    Program Director, Nursing (169 KB)
    Program Support Specialist.pdf (164 KB)
    Programmer-Data Analyst (137 KB)
    Project Coordinator.pdf (125 KB)
    Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs (132 KB)
    Public Relations and Marketing Associate.pdf (139 KB)
    Public Safety Technician II.pdf (121 KB)
    Public Safety Technician.pdf (121 KB)
    Purchasing Card Specialist.pdf (122 KB)
    Receiving and Distribution Clerk.pdf (119 KB)
    Receiving and Distribution Supervisor.pdf (121 KB)
    Records and Articulation Coordinator.pdf (140 KB)
    Recruiting and Advising Specialist, School of Education (133 KB)
    Registrar (144 KB)
    Registrar Operations Officer.pdf (138 KB)
    Registration Specialist I.pdf (133 KB)
    Registration Specialist II.pdf (133 KB)
    Regular Test Proctor-Part Time (235 KB)
    Reports Coordinator Programmer.pdf (139 KB)
    Residence Life Specialist.pdf (141 KB)
    Science Lab Manager (137 KB)
    Science Lab Manager - Instructor (140 KB)
    Selective Program Admissions Specialist (139 KB)
    Senior Coordinator, Retention and Student Success.pdf (139 KB)
    Senior Director, Development (136 KB)
    Senior Financial Aid Officer (218 KB)
    Senior Financial Aid Officer, Campus Lead.pdf (133 KB)
    Senior Financial Aid Officer, Communication and Outreach.pdf (150 KB)
    Senior Financial Aid Officer, Loans and Federal Grant Programs (215 KB)
    Senior Financial Aid Officer, Scholarships and Athletics (214 KB)
    Senior Financial Aid Officer, Work-Study.pdf (135 KB)
    Senior Foundation Specialist (144 KB)
    Senior Instructional Designer (148 KB)
    Senior Payroll Specialist (140 KB)
    Senior Programmer Analyst.pdf (139 KB)
    Senior Staff Assistant.pdf (135 KB)
    Senior Switchboard Operator (126 KB)
    Short-Term Employment Programs Specialist.pdf (139 KB)
    Sr. Switchboard Operator.pdf (126 KB)
    Staff Assistant.pdf (136 KB)
    Student Assistant-Work Study (141 KB)
    Student Engagement Associate.pdf (135 KB)
    Student Enrollment Specialist,TAA Program.pdf (164 KB)
    Student Peer Mentor (133 KB)
    Student Records Specialist.pdf (135 KB)
    Student Services and Campus Engagement Specialist (138 KB)
    Student Services and Testing Representative.pdf (137 KB)
    Student Services Specialist.pdf (131 KB)
    Student Success Advisor I School of Health Professions (133 KB)
    Student Success Advisor I, Intercollegiate Athletics (158 KB)
    Student Success Advisor I.pdf (131 KB)
    Student Success Advisor II School of Health Professions (132 KB)
    Student Success Advisor II, Intercollegiate Athletics.pdf (146 KB)
    Student Success Advisor II, International (136 KB)
    Student Success Advisor II.pdf (133 KB)
    Student Support Assistant, FSWSCHS.pdf (120 KB)
    Switchboard Operator.pdf (118 KB)
    Technology Center Technician (133 KB)
    Technology Event Services Specialist.pdf (132 KB)
    Technology User Services Specialist.pdf (187 KB)
    Test Proctor (235 KB)
    Testing Specialist.pdf (123 KB)
    Third Party Process Analyst (136 KB)
    Title IX Coordinator - Equity Officer.pdf (190 KB)
    Transfer Transcript Evaluator I (124 KB)
    Transfer Transcript Evaluator II (125 KB)
    Travel Specialist.pdf (134 KB)
    User Support Analyst (124 KB)
    Vice President, Administrative Services (179 KB)
    Vice President, Institutional Advancement (135 KB)
    Vice President, Research, Technology and Accountability.pdf (138 KB)
    Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (181 KB)
    Web Applications Developer (136 KB)
    Zone Maintenance Specialist (139 KB)
    Zone Maintenance Supervisor (135 KB)