Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School-Charlotte (FSWC-Charlotte) is a publicly-funded early college high school committed to educational innovation and academic excellence as it prepares students to become critical thinkers and productive global citizens. Teachers, staff and the extended school community are dedicated to providing educational equality in a caring environment. Exemplary pedagogical techniques address the needs and abilities of all students, and community service opportunities integrate learning with real life issues.


FSWC-Charlotte will distinguish itself as an innovative, academically inspiring, and student-centered early college high school providing equality of educational opportunities open to all, preparation for productive citizenship in a global environment, and graduates who are reflective and skilled in decision-making.


Caring: Evidenced through an institutional commitment to exhibiting concern for each student, primarily though a multi-faceted support program and engagement in community service.

Reflection: Manifested largely by personal introspection and critical thinking which engender a disposition to be mindful of others.

Pursuit of Excellence: Continued academic growth and personal development resulting from experiences that promote learning as meaningful and useful in our 21st century global society.