Students of the Month

FSWC Collegiate HS is proud to recognize our Students of the Month!

January 2019

January Students of the Month

Bryon Catlin, Sidney Yurch, Aspen Wilhelm, Amy Enberg. Not pictured: David Lawson and Vinny Havel

December 2018:

December Students of the Month

Gabriel Shulz, Kaila Sukkennikoff, Meghan Craig. Not pictured Nathan Wheldon


November 2018 Students of the Month

Alicia Longo, Javier Aponte, Emily Bailey, and Omehvy Rivera-Martinez


October 2018 Students of the Month

Brooke Andrews, Jacob Storm, Sean Garrigus, Lucabella Romero, Hunter Gibson, Mikayla Houseman, and Zane Hendrickson

September 2018:

September 2018 Students of the Month

Aiden Henderson, Lowrie McGeary, Elisa Torres, Emily Legried, Nick Garner, and Leah Cogley

August 2018:

August 2018 Students of the Month

Marie L’Abbe, Alyssa Truisi, Nuha Jarrah, Anthony Tringali, Mackenzie Flowers, Athena Reyes, Caroline Hill, Elodie Le