1.    Will the Foundation accept multi-year commitments?

Yes. Pledges enable contributors to realize optimal tax savings and to make a more significant investment in Florida SouthWestern State College than might be possible with a one-time cash donation. All investments will be gratefully received and properly acknowledged.

2.    In what form may donations be made?

Donations may be made in the form of cash, securities, personal property or other designated pledges. We urge donors to discuss investments with their tax consultants or financial advisors to determine the kind of donation that will best suit their personal circumstances and most benefit them as well as the college. For more information, please visit the Ways To Give page.

3.    Are named giving opportunities available?

Yes, there are opportunities to make investments in the name of the donor, in memoriam of or to honor someone else. To discuss these opportunities please contact one of our Sr. Development Directors, Arlene Knox (239-489-9234) or Paul Bova (239-432-6706) to learn more.

4.    Is my contribution to the FSW Foundation tax deductible?

Yes. The FSW Foundation is a non-profit organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. A receipt will be furnished for each contribution.

5.    How does the college impact the region’s workforce?

A thriving economy is synonymous with a skilled and adaptable workforce. Florida SouthWestern State graduates are the foundation of the region’s workforce. They enforce our laws; build, repair, and program our computers; sell our goods and services; care for our sick and elderly; design our homes, roads and businesses; teach our children and provide financial and business services. FSW graduates are also our civic leaders, serving on boards and in elected positions that shape the fabric of our communities.

6.    Will my contribution make a difference?

Yes. Your contribution can make a major difference in the life of a Florida SouthWestern State student by providing scholarships, first-class faculty, technology enhancements and general academic support critical to maintain the margin of excellence for which Florida SouthWestern State has long been known.