Advisory 2014-2015

While the traditional school functions of teaching and learning are often associated with physically being in school and being centered on academic content; there is a powerful and very real other perspective. When students from any school talk about their experience, the conversation naturally centers on the overall school climate, culture, and general mood of being at school. Despite the best efforts of educators all over the world, most kids are interested in more than just tangible academic work. FSWC – Lee truly believes in our tag line “Work to Learn; Learn to Lead!!!” and that this mindset is the very best beginning to a powerful culture where students want to become independent learners with exemplary Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration skills. To help manage and encourage these sometimes intangible concepts, we have adopted a school wide Advisory program that starts by assigning students to one of four Buccaneer Ships:

Black Pearl, Granuaile, Navio Tiburon, and Tortuga

Throughout the year, these Ships and their Captains (Teachers) participate in various challenges, track academic progress, and overall give students a sense of identity and purpose beyond just earning a grade and heading home at the end of another grueling school day. During the second quarter of the school year various challenges exist (some are scheduled and obvious, others reward developmental skills behind the scenes) and ships earn points along the way. Click below on a event to find out more about each individual competition.

EVENT Black Pearl Granuaile Navio Tiburon Tortuga
Spirit Week Dress Up 4 3 2 3
Periodic Table Cupcake Challenge 4 3 2 1
Geometry Proof Pictures 4 3 3 1
Farbotko’s Food Challenge 2 4 1 3
Hantzeas Ship Points 4 1 2 3
Gains in Human Geography 4 2 1 3
ECHO Field Trip 1 2 4 3
Logic to do the Science 1 2 4 3