The Garden Project

Lee has selected agriculture, horticulture, and community gardening as a highly relevant and appropriate topic to teach the powerful skills of experimental design, data collection, group decision making, and attention to detail in the production of a deliverable product. Information about the overall effort, the specific plant serial numbers, related student work and available data, as well as opportunities for you to get involved are all available here.

If you saw a plant here at Florida SouthWestern State College, at one of our satellite locations, or in a neighborhood or community garden; there should be a serial number tag attached.

Click here for a description of what we are growing, what experimental variables are being controlled, specific data, and how many plants are involved.

Southwest Florida is a unique and challenging agricultural region that has managed to develop some highly successful and innovative solutions to climate based problems.

Click here for an organized set of resources that might help you answer or ask questions related to growing edible crops here in S.W. Florida.

Several community partners and individuals have joined Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School – Lee in an effort to use gardening as a catalyst for helping students with critical thinking and communication skills. All of these organizations have donated time, money, and or expertise to help our students Work to Learn, Learn to Lead!!!

First Fruits Produce, Dustin Blank ECHO Florida SouthWestern Collegiate State College
Childcare of S.W. Florida FSI 12 Seasons Farms, Danny Blank

Click here for more information about how you can get involved.

Work to Learn, Learn to Lead!!!