Our students will be placed in seven courses. All students will progress through an honors level curriculum culminating in the opportunity to simultaneously complete their high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree.

Freshmen Year Course Offerings
_____ Introduction to Engineering
_____ *Honors Algebra or Financial Algebra
_____ *Honors Geometry
_____ *Human Geography or Global Studies
_____ *Honors English I
_____ *Honors Chemistry
_____ *H.O.P.E.

Sophomore Year Course Offerings

_____ *Honors Algebra II or *Math for College Readiness
_____ *Honors World History
_____ *Honors English II
_____ *Honors Biology
_____ *American Government and/or *Economics
_____ Engineering II
_____ Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Junior and Senior Year Course Offerings

The intent of the program is to qualify students as dual enrollment for the Junior and Senior years. Limited course offerings exist to provide graduation requirements to no dual enrolled upper class students.

Note: Starred items are specifically required to earn a high school diploma while non starred items count as elective credits but are part of the standard offering for all enrolled FSWC – Lee students.