Graduation Requirements

High school graduation requires a total of 24 credits in the appropriate academic disciplines, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and passing scores on the required standardized tests (FCAT Reading and End of Course exams). These requirements are set by the Florida Department of Education and can be found below.

High School Graduation Requirements (24 Total Credits) –
  • Language Arts  – Four (4) Credits – English courses must include major concentration in composition and literature
  • Mathematics  – Four (4) Credits – Algebra I or its series equivalent or any higher level course
  • Science  – Three (3) Credits –  Two (2) of the credits must include a laboratory component
  • Social Studies  – Three (3) Credits, as specified below
The State requires:
  • One (1) Credit in World History
  • One (1) Credit in American History
  • One-Half (1/2) Credit in American Government and
  • One-Half (1/2) Credit in Economics
  • Performing/Practical/ Fine Arts – One (1) Credit
  • Physical Education  – One (1) Credit which can be met by HOPE
  • Electives  – Eight (8) Credits
To help students and parents track academic progress Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School – Lee developed a high school graduation check form. Using a student’s transcript, students and parents can keep mark progress toward graduation. Transcripts can be acquired by contacting Dr. Bentley. Access the check form by clicking on thr link below.

High School Graduation Check Form