Graduation Requirements

High school graduation requires a total of 24 credits in the appropriate academic disciplines, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and passing scores on the required standardized tests (ELA which is a reading and writing test as well as the Algebra I End of Course exam). These requirements are set by the Florida Department of Education and can be found below.

High School Graduation Requirements (24 Total Credits).

  • Language Arts – Four (4) Credits – English courses must include major concentration in composition and literature
  • Mathematics – Four (4) Credits – Algebra I or its series equivalent or any higher level course
  • Science – Three (3) Credits – Two (2) of the credits must include a laboratory component
  • Social Studies – Three (3) Credits, as specified below

The State requires:

  • One (1) Credit in World History
  • One (1) Credit in American History
  • One-Half (1/2) Credit in American Government and
  • One-Half (1/2) Credit in Economics
  • Performing/Practical/ Fine Arts – One (1) Credit
  • Physical Education – One (1) Credit which can be met by HOPE
  • Electives – Eight (8) Credits