Administrative Printing

Administrative printing and copy services currently provides printers and multi-function devices which include your printing, copying, scanning and possibly even fax machine. Multi-function devices are conveniently located within department and office areas for use by Florida SouthWestern State College Faculty and Staff.

College Goal

As part of this administrative printing initiative, all existing copy machines were replaced with more efficient multi-function devices that now serve as your main printer, scanner, and copier; and in some cases fax machine.

In addition, by reducing the college’s printer fleet the college resources will be utilized much more efficiently, as it is much less expensive to print to multi-function devices than to individual printers. Printers use more electricity, toner is more expensive, maintenance and replacement parts are more costly, and they utilize more staff time to support. Also, these multi-function devices have a much higher print per minute ratio than stand-alone printers.

PaperCut Print Management and Reporting Software Roll Out

Beginning on or around September 15th, the PaperCut Print Management Software will be live on your desktop computer to assist you in making the most economical choices for your print jobs. This will show you on a job by job basis the cost to print. A popup box will appear and ask you to confirm the charging details. The print job may be charged to a shared account (a college department cost center that has budget funds to cover printing costs), or to your personal account (using your personal balance of funds that you have added to your Buc Card).

Print Job Notification

BUC Card Swipe Access

We anticipate that the ID Card Swipe access on the multi-function copier devices will be up and running by September 30, 2014. Please visit the BUC Card Office on your campus if you have not yet picked up your card.


Paper, toner and maintenance will be included as a part of the copy charge.

Current printing costs on printers and multi-functional Kyocera copiers. Note: Cost per image includes the cost of equipment leases, paper, toner, maintenance, etc.

Copier B&W$.02 per side
Copier Color  .06 per side
Laser Printer B&W  .04 per side
Laser Printer Color  .12 per side

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order toner for my copy machine or printer?

You do not need to order toner cartridges. Toner levels are monitored through the network. When a toner cartridge reaches approximately 15%, a replacement toner will automatically be shipped. All shipments are sent to IT. IT will then deliver and install the new cartridge.

A toner cartridge is empty. What do I do?

Call the Help Desk at 239-489-9202 or x1202 OR submit a Help Ticket.

The copy machine display indicates it is time to replace the staple cartridge. How do I order staples?

IT has a supply of staple cartridges for all machine models. Call the Help Desk at 239-489-9202 or x1202 OR submit a Help Ticket. They will need to know the model of your machine, i.e. 3550ci, 5550ci, 8000i, etc, to ensure the technician brings the correct cartridge for that machine.

The copy machine is not working properly / has a jam that I can’t clear / the display indicates that service is needed. What do I do?

Our technical support staff conducts all ‘triage’ services on the copy machines and printers. If they are unable to repair the machine, they will submit a service request with DEX. To request service or report a problem, call the Help Desk at 239-489-9202 or x1202 OR submit a Help Ticket.

How do I order paper?

All paper, with the exception of certain specialty papers, are included in the cost of copies and prints and is, therefore, provided by Auxiliary Services. To place a paper order, either submit a paper order form to or an online order using the links below. Paper orders are placed weekly. The deadline to order is noon on Wednesday. All orders received by the deadline will be received by Friday. Please plan your paper needs accordingly.

» Online Paper Order Form