Contact Information

Dr. Wendy Chase, Program Coordinator
(239) 489-9470

Office: L-114 (Lee Campus)
Florida SouthWestern State College
8099 College Parkway SW
PO Box 60210
Fort Myers, Florida 33906-6210

Welcome to the Honors Scholar Program!

Our program offers qualified students an enriched and challenging educational experience that extends learning beyond the classroom. This program is designed to cultivate academic excellence, skillful leadership, and commitment to social responsibility. To this end, we use a holistic approach to identify and evaluate talented candidates so as not to exclude late-bloomers, non-traditional students, or students who may have met with substantial obstacles which prevented them from developing their full potential prior to their application to the College. This program is best suited for students seeking an AA degree who have not taken more than 30 credit hours. Some of the benefits of the Honors Program include the following:

  1. A minimum of $1,000 per semester for qualified students
  2. Opportunities to participate in State, Regional, and National Conferences
  3. Hands-on field research
  4. Smaller class sizes which facilitates personalized instruction from our most talented faculty.
  5. Opportunities for Study Abroad in partnership with the Center for International Education

Deadline for Spring admission is October 1, 2014